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Friday, June 24, 2005

It's hot here

The biggest obstacle to getting work done now is the heat. It's 30 degrees celsius, and there's no air-conditioning. I'm going to work in my apartment now, and come back to work at 2 or 3am. Maybe it will be cooler then - and hopefully whoever was sleeping in our office (there's a bed in our large office) won't be sleeping there. Well, if they are, today I will wake them up.

Mark SubbaRao has put up a webpage of the AstroViz Workshop last month.

Took the bike for a spin yesterday. Figured out how to get uphill - I shouldn't go to the lowest gears as my fast-twitch muscles don't exist. Cycled a few miles, close enough to Bebenhausen (link is to a gallery of pictures from a local student's bike tour to the place last year) before chickening out - it's seriously uphill on the way back - and then to Kunsthalle and back. Just 30 minutes. After this, I lost the key to my new bike lock, and am now using the spare.

Mingmin and I made the important discovery today that it is possible to play table tennis on the conference table. Even though it's elliptical. Very elliptical. And yes, we even have a net (a real one). Unfortunately she banged her back on a window or some sharp object while picking up the ball, and managed to draw blood. Who said ping pong was safe?


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