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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama wins

Lots of work to do today. Got some of it done. But not the part that involved coding. It was a bit hard to concentrate when history was being made. So I went to the gym... for the first time in twenty-three decades, I mean days. Decades is the other first time.

Just watching a rerun of the Ogletree interview on the Daily Show, referring to Lincoln and Obama as the "two skinny guys from Illinois who made a difference".

I was downtown Seattle after I got the penultimate bus from Redmond. There are lots of people cheering downtown, cars honking. There's a parade - still going on - around Pike Place Market. There's a small brass band around which a crowd has gathered, moving slowly down the street. Cops look on; I wonder who they voted for. The crowd is very racially mixed. Dancing and kissing - though it doesn't seem to be kissing strangers. Maybe that was earlier, with the initial excitement.

Has the GOP become the party of white people, like the conservative parties are in Europe? (Which brings up another question - when will a European country elect its first minority leader? And no, Benjamin Disraeli doesn't count. Or maybe he does. Not in the same way.)

You do realize Sarah Palin is going to come to DC in January as a Senator, taking over Ted Stevens' seat? And that she'll run in 2012? She might even show some of the bipartisanship she displays back in Juneau. And read a newspaper or news magazine. Probably not the Nation, but hopefully the New York Times - which had the best journalism in the whole election - their in-depth pieces were very good - if you think they're biased, you're just wrong.

Will Sarah - and people like her - realize that their definition of 'real America' is ... well, an illusion?

Which brings up another point - was 2004 the last time in a long time that there were two straight white men on a ticket?

And when are we going to get our first Chinese-American Muslim Lesbian president? When that happens, then things would really have changed.

Full credit to John McCain for not running a campaign that was as full of hate and fear as it would have been if Karl Rove or Prick Cheney had been in charge. Though I'll never quite understand why he thought Ayers was an issue worth pursuing. That was so easy for Barack to laugh off because it was so risible. He could have attacked Barack on breaking his promise to take public financing (an issue I'm rather worried about precedentwise) or dealing with Rezko (though Barack could then have brought up Keating) or being elitist (never mind that he grew up on food stamps) or an ivory tower academic (with enough street smarts to be a state senator).

The Palin pick - you do wonder what might have happened if he'd picked Liz Dole or Tim Pawlenty for vice. Someone who could bring out the base and still be able to put a coherent non-content-free sentence together. Palin in four years time will be different. Fortunately, Obama knows that.

Please Barack, don't go all (post-Clinton) Blair on us.

The Democrats are going to get the blame for the hard economic times in the next four years. But we would have given them a shot at fixing them. The Republicans would have absolutely no chance of turning things around since they have yet to realize Reaganomics is wrong. The Dems have at least a small chance.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New WWT release!

The WorldWide Telescope got a new release today, as I report in my rarely-updated work blog. The most prominent features are a new 3D mode and animation in tours.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Would I lie to you?

Discovered an excellent comedy show on the Beeb over the weekend. While it's still on youtube, have a gander at Episode Six from the first season of "Would I Lie To You?" Usually the most entertaining person to watch is the actor/comedian/writer David Mitchell, but here pianist/model/presenter/columnist/poshrichgal Tara Palmer-Tomkinson puts in a brilliant performance.

Contestants are alternately given stories to tell that are either true or false, and the other contestants must work out which.