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Friday, January 25, 2008

Australian Open

I'm baaaack...

The final of the women's open at the OzOp (Australian Open) has just started. The local wags in the press have called it variously The Battle Of The Babes, Shrieker Versus Squeaker... I prefer Huntress Vs Bambi, like one of the female ESPN commentators just suggested. Maria's the Huntress - she's been so predatory this Open! However, I'm rooting for Bambi since I like blue dresses and am allergic to grunts. Besides, as the Wikipedia says :
Ivanović started her promising career at the age of 5, after memorizing the number of a local tennis clinic from an ad on TV... During her training she encountered the NATO bombings in 1999, where she would have to train in the morning to avoid them.... she would train in an abandoned swimming pool in the winter, as there were no other facilities. When she was 15, Ana spent four hours in the locker room crying after a defeat - the first that her new manager had watched - because she thought that Dan Holzmann was going to drop her because she felt that she wasn't good enough to become a professional tennis player. He has stayed as her manager to this day.
The image of a teen weeping in the locker room for hours for something because she didn't impress someone who was actually impressed... I can empathize with that.

Had a good game of ping pong today. It was my second ladder (i.e. intramural league) game this week at Microsoft. I've been on a losing streak of late - when will I buy a new paddle? - in my last match I lost despite saving seven match points. Today I was soon 2-0 down in sets. Then I began playing more defensively, and things became more even. Clawed back into the match... in the next two games we were never three points away from each other. Saved two match points in the fourth set. Then it was 2-2, and - oh shit! Huntress just broke Bambi! - and we reached deuce in the fifth set three times. I had the first match point, and lost it. Then he had match point, and I saved it. It happened again. Then I had match point, and bloody well kept it!


Despite losing more individual points than I won (since his margins of victory in the first two sets were large and I always squeaked out my wins), the match was mine. (Mine! Mine! All mine!)

Moral: play defence more often. And just get the balls over. And push them more, so that they go into the net less.

I still am not playing very well, though. Will need more practice...

Tomorrow I'll have to take my cycle into the repair shop. The back break's jammed.

My god, it's 4-3 in the first set, and only now does Bambi win her first point off the Huntress' serve!

Of the four finalists in the Australian Open, the two Serbians and American (can Maria really be called Russian? The other Russian tennis players don't think so) are all twenty, while the only unseeded player - Frenchie Tsonga - is twenty two.

Trivia: Tsonga is the son of a chemistry teacher who played international handball for Congo. Amazing. I would have never guessed that chemists could produce tennis players.

Wow. Bambi just got a break point. And she loses it. Then Artemis gets advantage, and Bambi saves it! Now Artemis has just double faulted... another break point for Bambi! Oh my effing goddess... she double faulted again! From the Huntress never losing a point on her serve till this game, to a game with two (three maybe) double faults... wow!

Go Bambi!


Bambi just hit a rocket. I think it ended up in the stands. No, it didn't bounce first.

What are the odds that Serbia will win both men and women's?

I watched Djoker beat FedEx last night. The match finished at three. I thought Novak had a good chance of making a good game, and figured I could watch the first three sets and still get to work in the morning at a reasonable hour. There was, of course, no chance that Fed would lose. And certainly not in straight sets. No-one has ever beaten Fed at a major since Mirnyi did so... five years ago.

I watched history being made.

I am great.

I am a delusional couch potato.

No, that's not true.

Armchair. Not couch.

It's 5-5 in the first set.

They just showed a picture of some Serbian fans with a large placard saying "Quiet Please Maria". I second that.

Unfortunately, Bambi's been broken again. Can she break back?

Er. No. First set to Artemis.

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