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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On the Road again...

Amazing. Planes have been flying around for ages and the phrase of the subject line still refers to roads. Somehow, 'in the air again' doesn't quite cut it - it reminds me of a late friend of mine who was a human cannon. His name was Ken.

Like many in his profession, Ken died young. I went to the funeral. Many of his colleagues were there. For once, I was of above average height.

Also, there were fewer wheelchairs than I expected. When I asked about this, I was informed that most injuries did not require a hospital stay. Or future pension payments.

Human cannon life insurance premiums are surprising. The surprise isn't that they are high, but that they are available.

And that's about all I said when I was there. Most people didn't say much. They were too embarassed.

Not many human cannons die of freak injuries caused by slipping in the jacuzzi. Alone.

For the sake of privacy, Ken is an assumed name. And Human Cannonballing is an assumed profession. And any truth in what I've just written is also assumed - by the gullible.

Returning to reality.

My plane hasn't left yet. I can see it from where I'm sitting. Thank goodness post creation works on cellphones.

The last week or two have been spent in a depression stupor. So has much of the last few years, come to think of it. I tried turning over a new leaf today. And to bury the old leaf. I tried to forgive myself. I tried to separate my past from my future self. I imagined I was a time traveller wh finds himself in someone else's body. That someone else is my past self.

That sounds silly, true. It avoids taking responsibility for my past actions, and hence invalidates the need for forgiveness. But it does not avoid taking the consequences for my past actions, and to look forward. For now, that's enough. I can work with this.

I thought that while on the bus to the airport today. It was a 45
minute ride but felt much longer.

I was taking the bus hours later than planned. (If I had planned, which I hadn't.) Fortunately, and as I was counted on, there was lots of space on the next flight on AirTran to Boston.


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