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Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Weekend

Goddess! Friday's deadline finally came, and we managed to meet it (acceptably), though I did have to pull off an all-nighter to do so.

And then... then, glorious then! I could have my first weekend (San Fran interview excepted) in four weeks. Or maybe six weeks, I have trouble counting with numbers that high.

Yesterday, my murojas and I went to this local Indian buffet. While it was gratifying to not suffer Cairo Tummy afterwards, I don't think we'll be going there in a hurry. The biriyani had yellow and white rice and was kinda blocky. I should have just stuck to the naan and tikka masala. Then we went to return X's car to the rental, and then went down to Lake Sammasomething to see if we could push anyone into the water. But the only other people there were a couple who were being all lovey-dovey... we left then PDAing on their pier, and went over to another pier. I think they got the nicer pier, because ours had more duckshit than an aviary. Why people would want to pay sky high rents on the lakeshore for the opportunity to step on guano every day is beyond me. Not to mention the inclines as one approaches the lakes ... clearly there aren't any casual cyclists in that part of town.

Today, five of us (from four countries, none of which was from North or South America) went over to downtown Seattle.

We first stopped by Pike Place Chowder, which our token lass had discovered on Yelp (online Yellow Pages). I got a four-chowder sampler ($10ish) Bloody awesome clam and salmon chowder, though the vegan and Manhattan versions were forgettable. Next time I'll get the salmon chowder in a bread bowl. That's a bowl made of bread. And it doesn't get soggy quickly enough to be embarassing, so no worries on that score.

Then we headed off to the Seattle Art Museum, which I have to confess is a place that I'd not normally check out as my regular definition of culture involves a petri dish. But when I saw the car crash in the lobby... it didn't seem so bad...

These architectural weaknesses are amplified by Cai Guo-Qiang's large sculpture "Inopportune: Stage One" — nine white Fords suspended from the lobby's ceiling at crazy angles, bursting out in fireworks of LED lights. The white paint and metallic textures of the automobiles accentuate the weakest elements of Cloepfil's steely and bare architectural palette, while the flashing lights serve as tacky counterpoints to his resolutely unflashy design sense." - Seattle Times, May 07
X has promised me a picture of this. And here it is...

Thank you, X!

There were lots of paintings and several photographs, some of which were nice. The one I liked best was titled "Untitled" and I couldn't find it anywhere. I wrote down the name of the photographer ... but didn't even seem to do that right. I wrote "Jerry Uelmann" on my hand, but all I can find online is Jerry Uelsmann, and perhas that's who I should have written down. Two other pieces I liked were Mann und Maus, which has a guy suffering from chest pains (there's a humongous rodent sitting on him) and some giant flowing cloak made of metal dog tags.

Anyway, after that, we went to a coffee shop - had a coconut chai and discovered that Fishtail Lager is regrettably devoid of piscine ingredients ("You want to order *that*! That's disgusting! Make sure I get a taste.") Then we walked a few blocks to watch (for $3 each, thank you o great company card!) the IMAX version of The Spiderwick Chronicles ... which was alright, but had a wee too much Deux en Machina at the end. Wonder if anyone's compared the Griffin to the PoA one.

Oh goddess... the kid acted two roles. Holy crap. Hang on, I better go email the gang - we never suspected that!

Eight hours later, we got off the bus (Route 545) back home. A good day.


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